Our company values

Our company values are at the heart of everything we do are. We stand by them being the set of behaviours that we expect all our people to embrace to further our ambitions for our business and our people. They guide the way we work with our business partners and with each other. 


Being Family

Show Respect by listening, consulting and being fair. Communicate by having honest and open discussions, seek and act on feedback. Pitch In Leading by example, being positive, inclusive and building strong relationships.

Quality Core

Letting people do a good job by showing trust and inspiring innovation. Make it happen by ensuring people have the right resources to do their job and through coaching and support. Solve problems by keeping an open mind, having difficult and challenging conversations when needed.

Growing Future Possibilities

Join the Value chain by sharing expertise and opinions, collaborate with customers and celebrate success. Continuous Improvement by learning from mistakes, trying new ideas and a commitment to learning. Developing Talent by setting stretching targets and developing individuals and teams.